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If you guys are familiar with Minecraft PvP in the slightest, I'm sure you have an idea of what this is.

Yeah, I coded my own versions of the most popular PvP modes,
Boxing, Sumo, NoDebuff, and even 1.16 PvP
all in Two Dimensional form.

If you want to get competitive with this, you can use our built in
timers, which you'll see in each game, they are very
accurate, and you can submit your run to our speedrun.com category!

Some unique things about this game are, it doesn't require any good specs to play, I was able
to play it smoothly with no frame drops on my 13 year old Macbook. Also,
it doesn't even take up a single Megabyte of storage, so storage isn't an issue either.

It's even compatible for mobile users, as long as they have a controller.

Minecraft, for the people without the resources."

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